Antoni Rząsa. Prace [Antoni Rząsa. Works]

THE 2004 MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOK in the PTWK [Polish Book Publishers Association] competition

Guiding idea: Juliusz Sokołowski

Editing: Juliusz Sokołowski and Magda Ciszewska-Rząsa

Photographs of the sculptures: Juliusz Sokołowski

Publisher: The Antoni Rząsa Foundation and the Internet portal “Latarnik” [Lighthouse Keeper]


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50 PLN (paperback)

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There exist editorial projects-dreams that take years to ripen in the quiet cosiness of homes and galleries, drawn up with a finesse unknown to standard serial publishers and a flourish unclipped by sales forecasts. Sometimes, though infrequently, an impulse for their creation is born out of artistic events promoting Polish art abroad. Such were the circumstances of the publication of an album dedicated to the life and work of one of the most important Polish sculptors of the 20thcentury: Antoni Rząsa, released by the Antoni Rząsa Foundation and the Internet portal “Latarnik”. The event was the presentation of the artist’s works in Fontevraud, France, within the Polish Season Nova Polska. The guiding idea of the book, drawn up by the photographer Juliusz Sokołowski in collaboration with Magda Ciszewska-Rząsa, was to take extraordinary, terse, black-and-white photographs documenting nearly thirty of the artist’s works and entwine them with the words of his friends, critics, and, above all, passages from his own letters to his brother. The correspondence, regularly maintained for years, quoted in short excerpts from a vast, hitherto unpublished collection, surpasses any biography in uncovering the life of a man faithful to his philosophy and to the work which was his vocation.

Aleksandra Stepnikowska, Architektura-Murator 01/2005

Antoni Rząsa. Listy do Brata [Antoni Rząsa. Letters to his Brother]

Antoni Rząsa

Selection: Wojciech Butkiewicz

Photographs: Halina Rząsa, Janusz Vogel

Publisher: The Antoni Rząsa Foundation


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Antoni Rząsa

Text preparation: Wojciech Butkiewicz

Photographs of sculptures: Juliusz Sokołowski

Graphic design: Leszek Bielski, Wojciech Kliczka

Publisher: The Antoni Rząsa Foundation


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Antoni Rząsa

Inspiration: Michelle Kokosowski

Design: Marcin Rząsa

Photographs: Halina Rząsa/Family archive

Publisher: BWA Białystok

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